Turning Over a New Leaf

The last day of food like this.I’ll admit, I partially formed this blog to make myself a more dedicated home cook. Before I talk about where I want to go with this blog, let’s talk about where I am now.

I’m 7 months pregnant, and I’ll freely admit that I’ve probably abused the pregnancy excuse a  little too much when it comes to food. I haven’t been completely unhealthy, but it could definitely be better. Besides the whole being pregnant thing, I do have a tendency to overindulge in sinful food (i.e. dessert).

In addition to my occasional overindulgence, I’m also not the best planner in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy menu planning. The strange thing is that I don’t always enjoy actually sticking to it and cooking every night. As a result, food I often purchased as a part of my grand meal plans would end up going bad before it was used (which equals wasted money). Even when I manage to make dinner and there are leftovers, my husband seems to be allergic to them (why else would he eat it the first time around and not the second?) – which still equals wasted money.

On top of all this, I also enjoy the clothes in my closet. Meaning, I don’t enjoy buying larger sizes of things I already own (and, really, what woman does?). And let’s face it, overindulging in processed or fast food isn’t conducive to my plan for not wanting to buy bigger clothes.

Which brings me to why I started this blog…

I love food and I really enjoy cooking. However, more so what I’m looking to get out of this blog is to have a sense of accountability. I will have to plan meals (and stick to them), cook good food, and stick to my skinny budget (being both in money and in body size).

(I know everyone says this, but I’m serious) Starting tomorrow, because that’s my shopping day, I have my menu all planned out for the next 10 days as well as my shopping list and budget. It probably sounds funny, but I did the menu and shopping list today because it takes me a while to go through the process and I was trying to come up with recipes that could have a “Round 2” so it was an extra-lengthy process. Usually, shopping alone takes me 1-2 hours so I didn’t want any part of this process to be rushed on time constraints. I’ve already looked up the sales at my local markets so I have an idea of how I’m going to attack my grocery list and save some money.

Of course, once I come back from my shopping trip tomorrow I’ll share my results with you in case anything I do could help you too! You just have to promise not to bring the hammer down on me too much if I go over budget – keep in mind it’s still my first time, I’m sure there’s a learning curve.


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