When Dinner Goes Exactly As Planned

When dinner goes exactly as planned, it’s a damn miracle.


This was obviously not what I had planned.

This is also what happens when you take your eyes off the broiler for a *second*.

But…that’s life!

It’s not always perfect. Lord knows my life is 95% “making it work” when plan A and B went awry.

A lot of bloggers wouldn’t even show you  this, but I think it’s important. In an online-centered world where everything always looks so perfectly polished, it’s important to know that everyone gets blunders. I’m not shy about my blunders, no matter how big or small they are. I’m also not one to pretend  my life is perfect. [HAHAHAHAHA – it’s definitely not.]

Truth is, I’m a mom who gets burned out really easily. My temper is shorter than I would like it to be, and I get overwhelmed very easily. Also, a big part of me getting past little things like this, is that I find a way to laugh at them. Because if I didn’t laugh, I would cry. A lot.

So, here’s to all you moms! The rockstars making perfect dinners every night, the awesome momma tossing together leftovers for the second night in a row, the wonderful woman feasting off toddler leftovers after bedtime, and all the rest of us in the trenches making it work every day and night. The char in my dinner salutes the inner char in yours.



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