Kickin’ Chili Dogs

Hot dogs are not something I can have very often. Most have nitrates in them that give me migraines. In the summertime though, I lust after them.

On my trip to Trader Joe’s this week I found these little gems from Applegate Farms. Organic, uncured, all-beef dogs with NO nitrates – hallelujah! I scooped them up and took them home without a real “plan” other than wanting to try them out.

Well, yesterday afternoon it came to my attention that my AC is on the fritz. It’s getting upwards of 80 degrees in my house for most of the day, and my only dinner plans until it’s fixed are to not up the temperature of my house. That means zero oven, and very little time in the kitchen, as that’s one of the hottest rooms right now.

Perfect day for hot dogs! Very little actual cooking required, and I won’t be in the sauna-kitchen for too long = win.


Kickin’ Chili Dogs (THM S)

  • 1 package Applegate Farms Organic all-beef hot dogs
  • a few slices of cheese of choice (avoid American to stay clean. I used a chipotle cheddar I found at Sprouts – a little soft and very melty.)
  • Leftover Fancy Chili
  • Mustard or other sugar-free toppings (mayo, hot sauce, onion, etc.)

Heat the hot dogs in a cast iron skillet over  medium-low heat until light color develops. While that’s happening, heat the chili in a small casserole dish in the microwave.

When the dogs are almost done, top with a few slices of cheese and steam lightly by putting a little water in the pan and covering with a lid or piece of foil.

Take them out, top with a generous amount of chili and other toppings.



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