I Worked Out in a Bra & Here’s What Happened

I’m finally getting to my goal body, and I’m working on my confidence. Which apparently means making yourself slightly uncomfortable.

Let’s start by saying I have NEVER worn a bra without a shirt in public ever. As a kid/teen, I just wasn’t allowed to. As an adult, I haven’t wanted to.

However, as the fat is being shed from my body I find myself wanting to inspire myself (and others?) by baring a little more.

I workout solo one, maybe 2, days a week. The rest of the time, I’m taking a group class. I prefer the variety, energy, and motivation group classes offer compared to doing things alone. Also, in the HIIT (ahem, boot camp) style classes I take, I have seen a tribe form. The same group of women, sometimes a few guys, coming to these classes with Tatiana (the instructor) and beasting it out in a group for an hour a few times per week.

When I scored these uber pretty sports bras from Victoria’s Secret, I knew they begged to be worn solo. That kind of freaked me out. Me? In just a bra? WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBORS THINK?!

But my inner beast was telling me, “Girl, you got this. Slap that bra on and go do some planks.” So, I complied.

The day of, I only covered the bra in a midriff cut-off shirt to warm myself up, if you will. I went to class, and we started the warm up. As the burn started to creep up on me, I discarded the shirt.

Strangely enough, it empowered me. I was working harder in class, very aware of my “core” mind you, and chasing the sweat harder than ever.

My inner bitch tried to creep in a little. Look in the mirror, tiny negative thought creeps in, “Hm, core doesn’t look as good as I thought.”

NOPE. Sit down, bitch.

I kept going, pushed away  the negativity, and high-fived people when we were done.

Moral being, the only one judging you is you. On the other side of your comfort zone is MORE. More happiness. More confidence. More beast. Less bitch.


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