Mealplan Monday, Oct. 10-14

Happy Monday, folks!

Georgia has finally gotten a taste of Fall, and I couldn’t be happier. Bring on cooler weather! You’ll notice my menu is beginning to reflect the transition.

  • Monday, Oct. 10 – I’m finally making the stuffed acorn squash I planned to make last week.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 11 – Stuffed pork loin with roasted cauliflower.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 12 – Apple and butternut squash soup.
  • Thursday, Oct. 13 – Zucc-ghetti and meatballs with antipasto salad.
  • Friday, Oct. 14 –  Quiche Lorraine and salad.

I’m going to do some baking in the kitchen as well. My daughter’s birthday party is this weekend, and she wants some kind of cake (really, she says a different one every time I ask). I’m also thinking of doing a pumpkin version of my Trimeos. I may throw in another fat bomb ice cream, since we inhaled the last batch already. So be on the lookout!

What are your meal plans this week?

Have an awesome week!


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