Meal-Plan Monday: Oct. 24 -28

It’s the last full week before Halloween!

My plan is a little looser this week, as I kind of made it up while shopping. It took everything I had to try and get my kids to preschool on time this morning, and I was still 30 minutes late dropping them off.

When I finally did get them to school, I headed to Sprouts to find…not a lot. I have to stop shopping on Mondays, because everything is so picked-over from the weekend. Oh, well. C’est la vie!

  • Monday, Oct. 24 – I’m going to do an E-style pork chops and apples. It’s one of my FAVORITE Fall meals. I made some FP gravy last night that will carry over into tonight and I’ll bake some beautiful apples to go alongside it.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 25 – I have some leftover chicken jalapeno popper (pg. 90 in the THM Cookbook)  soup sitting in my freezer BEGGING to come out. And come out it will. To be served with some biscuits or cornbread.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 26 – Testing out an easy E-style Thanksgiving menu, possibly all done in the crockpot. Turkey breast cutlets, sweet potatoes, and roasted broccoli.
  • Thursday, Oct. 27 – This is always my tough night, because it’s the night I’m out teaching. I’m going to attempt an Italian chicken and vegetable soup. Chicken, ‘shrooms, greens, tomatoes, quinoa…How can you go wrong?
  • Friday, Oct. 28 – Pizza  night! Cauliflower pizza and salad.

Lots of good Es this week! It’s always important to switch up your fuels, because your body will get used to any kind of schedule you give it.

I’ll likely be doing some treats this week also. I’m thinking up a Halloween-themed trifle with some of my leftover shortbread cookies layered with chocolate and vanilla (orange-colored) pudding. All sugar free and THM, of course!

I’m also thinking of throwing some chicken thighs in the crockpot and doing some buffalo chicken salad for lunches this week. I love the stuff from Publix, but man do they over-price it.

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What’s on your menu this week?


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