Caramel Macchiato Bulletproof Creamer (THM S)

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In my pre-THM days, I was all about the flavored creamers, and lately I’ve really been missing them. So, instead of going back to my old ways, I came up with a new way to enjoy my favorite flavors.


Coffee is my favorite part of the morning. Every day I juice mine up with collagen, MCT oil, half and half, and different extracts. I know I may be preaching to the choir here, but it can be quite time-consuming getting together just one cup of coffee.

So, I decided to try my hand at making my own DIY coffee creamer.

The method was fairly simple, and I threw it all together in the midst of making breakfast for my family. Quick and easy, anyone?

I made a syrup using water, Pyure, vanilla extract, and caramel extract. Once the Pyure dissolved, I added the collagen. Since I only made a test batch – enough to last about a week – I did about 7 scoops of collagen (I try to get one full scoop per day). Once the collagen dissolved, I added the MCT oil (about enough for 1 week, 1 teaspoon per day).

*NOTE: If your syrup needs a little help mixing, and a whisk isn’t quite doing the job, try this little gadget. My syrup had some trouble at times, and this helped get everything incorporated.

Really, that’s it!

I cooled the syrup slightly by sticking it in the fridge for about 7 minutes before adding it to my half and half. Now, I was running low on half and half that day, so I did a mix of half and half and heavy cream. However, feel free to make this what YOU want. Isn’t that the point of DIY creamer?

“Official” bulletproof coffee includes butter, or ghee. However, I just wasn’t feeling it that day. The MCT oil in my coffee is really enough for me, but again – make this your own. No MCT oil? No worries, use some coconut oil. Want to add ghee? Go for it! Want to make it dairy free? Use coconut milk (from a can is fine too, just make sure to shake it first) or any on-plan nut milks. No collagen in your house? Leave it out, I won’t know.

Not only can you make this coffee creamer with as many, or as few, ingredients as you want, but it also goes from start to in-your-coffee in the time it takes to make bacon and eggs.


Come to momma.

Caramel Macchiato Coffee Creamer (THM S)

  • Servings: 7-10
  • Time: 12 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

Credit: Erin Murray, My Fling with Food



  1. Place the water, sweetener, and extracts in a small sauce pan. Bring to a boil and simmer rapidly until sweetener is dissolved.
  2. Add the collagen, blending if needed.
  3. Add the MCT oil, again blending if needed.
  4. Cool the syrup for about 5-7 minutes in the fridge. It should be cool (or room temperature) to the touch.
  5. Stir the cream of your choice into the syrup. [I chose to use my half and half container, since I was bout to recycle it anyway. It’s the perfect vessel, if you have one! I shake it a little each time before I use it.]
  6. Use 1-2 Tbsp in your coffee, sip, and enjoy!



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