I Exercised in a Menstrual Cup So You Don’t Have To

Yep, I am going there.


If you are an active woman, it can be a pain-staking process trying to get your workouts in while on your period.

I’ve tried pads, tampons, pads WITH tampons, and just taking off from the gym during my heavy flow days. Then I tried a menstrual cup, and it has changed the way I will forever handle my periods.

I like a variety of workouts, and I have tried many different workout combos while on my period. Swimming, cycling, weight lifting, Barre, kick boxing – you name it, I’ve most likely done it.

My go-to combo for heavy flow days was a heavy flow tampon with a “sport” pad. I will tell you right now there’s nothing worse than having to sweat while wearing a pad. Chafe. City.

Tampons alone? Never worked for me. They either began leaking within 2 hours or would start falling out in the middle of my workout.

Enter: the menstrual cup.

I had been wanting to try a cup for a while, because these post-childbearing periods are not always easy for me to manage. I had also grown frustrated with both pads and tampons. So, I ordered the disposable Soft Cup. Yes, the price point is higher than pads or tampons, but you get more use out of just one cup than you would a box of tampons.

The first time I wore the Soft Cup, I was a little hesitant and it took some mental adjustment. When I went an entire day without a leak, I was surprised and intrigued.

The next day, I decided to try a strength-based workout. Squats, lunges, deadlifts – the whole nine yards. I felt wonderfully normal. I couldn’t tell the cup was there, it didn’t impede my workout AT ALL, and there was zero leakage.

I spent my entire period with only ONE disposable Soft Cup, whereas my “old” way I would’ve gone through over a dozen tampons and at least 6 pads. Hands down, the menstrual cup is now my go-to!

If you prefer a more permanent menstrual cup option with the same coverage, try the Diva Cup.

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