DIY Recycled Chalkboard Canisters

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I love finding new purposes for everyday items. I’ve also found that chalkboard paint is an easy, and versatile, way to transform these items.


I’ve been buying these Kirkland Signature Unsalted Mixed Nuts for at least a year now, and I buy one container about every month. As you can imagine, that adds up to a lot of plastic!


At first, I was just recycling the containers as normal, not even thinking about giving them another purpose.

A few months ago, I was re-organizing my kitchen and realized that I had began saving a handful of these containers, maybe 3 or 4 of them. I had also recently re-done a room in our house to be the kids’ playroom, and had some leftover chalkboard paint. [*NOTE: There’s also a product called chalk paint that is completely different from chalkBOARD paint. It’s important to note that they are not interchangeable.) Then it hit me to paint these containers with chalkboard paint and use them as uniform organizers for my kitchen. I chose to use chalkboard paint, because it can go over any surface without priming or sanding (making it easier on me!).

I don’t have a ton of space in my kitchen, and I’m always looking for ways to maximize what space I do have while keeping it organized so I don’t get overwhelmed. These containers were perfect because they can hold quite a bit of product (coconut flour, almond flour, dark chocolate, whey isolate, etc.) and they fit easily in my cupboards or on my pantry shelves.

First, remove the outer labels from the containers. It was a pleasant surprise that the labels on my containers came off fairly easily. There was some leftover sticker residue, which I used a little Goo Gone to remove.

Then clean the whole inside and outside with regular dish soap and water, and let it dry completely.


Next comes the chalkboard paint!

You can choose to paint all of the sides, or just one – or really, any pattern you want! Whatever makes your life easier, go for it.

I used foam brushes to paint the containers. They gave a clean, smooth finish and were easy to use.

All that’s left is to let the paint dry! It really doesn’t take long, it took maybe an hour for mine to dry all the way (and that’s pretty generous).

Fill it up with whatever your heart desires, and label with colorful chalk.


I used this same method on a few other items in my kitchen (a utensil canister and glass spice jars) which worked equally as well as the plastic containers.

These containers have been the easiest, most convenient kitchen canisters ever! They stack, store a lot of product, and they all match.

My Favorite Things: Costco Edition

Costco is a glorious gift to mankind. And parents.

However, it’s so vast and exhausting┬áthat unless you want to spend hours there, you may not know the entirety of what Costco can offer you.

Lucky for you, I have wandered Costco many times. {Sometimes looking for items that they discontinued without my permission, but I digress.}


Costco’s Best Clean-Eating Items (* denotes THM friendly)

  1. Dry Goods Aisles – *Apple cider vinegar WITH “the mother.” It’s raw and unfiltered, just like the slightly more expensive variety in the grocery stores for a much better price ($4.99). *Distilled white vinegar. I use it for laundry and cleaning mostly, but it’s still a better buy in bulk ($2.99). Vega Protein and Greens. The only difference between this and the One formula is that it doesn’t have omega 3s or probiotics, other than that the formula is the same with a lower carb count. *Unsalted mixed nuts (no peanuts, if that’s a concern for you). *Almond butter and peanut butter. I was surprised to learn that Kirkland’s nut butters ONLY contain nuts – no sweeteners or additives of any kind. *Parmesan Whisps. These are basically baked “crackers” that only contain parmesan cheese. They’re fantastic as a chip, crouton, or any other fun use you can think of. Kids like them too! *Coffee, *coconut water, *dried beans and quinoa, *canned tuna and salmon, and *marinara sauce (the Premium Organic Paesana brand uses ZERO sugar and is quite tasty). *Bai is available where the boxed drinks are, and it’s amazing. It’s sweetened with erythritol, which is zero calorie and zero glycemic impact. Some stores carry the flat (pictured), and others carry the bubbles. Big bottles of *vanilla extract are also available on the baking aisle.
  2. Refrigerated Foods – *Cream cheese, *unsalted butter quarters (Kerrygold is also available), * 0% Fage plain yogurt, *half and half, *heavy cream, *bacon (Many varieties – I like the Farmer’s brand and the Kirkland thick-cut.), *cage-free eggs, and *unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
  3. Freezer Aisles – *fruit (they have everything from mango to cherries and berries), *vegetables (I like the broccoli florets and green beans. Mixed are also available), and * Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers.
  4. Deli Aisles – *cheese (SO MUCH CHEESE. Sliced, shredded, chunk, block. I like to get *asiago blocks – cheaper than Parmesan, *Cabot cheddar blocks, and *sliced cheddar/muenster/havarti. There are also *deli meats available. Which, if you can eat 2lbs in about a week it’s good. If not, stick to the grocery store for that.*Seafood – Costco has the best salmon around, unless you live in a coastal area with an awesome fish monger. In which case, I am jealous. They also have crab, lobster, shrimp, scallops, and tilapia fresh.
  5. Fresh Vegetables and Fruit – I am LOVING their 3-pack of *English cucumbers, and I have a feeling it’s a seasonal item. *Avocados, and any other fruit or veggie that you eat a lot of in a fairly short time. This is bulk buying, so it will be multiple pounds, but you don’t want to buy it solely for the deal and have half of it go bad before you eat it.